Meet the Mylers - three of the world's leading bit designers
Introducing Ron, Dale and Bob Myler, the creators of Myler Bits

Ron Myler
About ten years ago. Ron, a rodeo competitor and professional horse trainer, realized that to get the very best from every horse he rode, he needed to communicate more effectively with them. And that required a relaxed horse, ready and willing to receive a rider's message.

Bob Myler
Brother Bob, a machinist and welder skilled at working with metals and with a clever mind for engineering, created a bit that would offer a curve for tongue relief and a shank that rotated 360 degrees.

Dale Myler
After seeing the success Ron achieved with the unique bits, Dale, also an experienced horse trainer and rodeo competitor, began using them as well. Soon, all three brothers were collaborating on bit design and theories.

Knowing the need for the bits stretched well beyond their barns, the Mylers began to make and sell custom handmade bits under the family name. Since then, Ron and Dale have been extremely active in the promotion of Myler Bits and the Myler bitting philosophy.

As a result of the bits' popularity, Mylers have developed two types of Myler Bits now available: custom, handmade bits and quality production bits. Handmade bits, crafted in Marshfield, Missouri, offer unique bit combinations and options for a broad range of specific horse and rider needs, including a patented bushing system and numerous innovative mouthpieces.

In 1998, to make Myler Bits accessible to more horsemen and women, Mylers began producing many popular bit designs in China, according to our rigid quality control standards. Since then, several significant design refinements have been added to both lines and horses and riders all over the world have enjoyed a greater level of comfort and communication.